Carving Period Furniture Elements - The Ball and Claw Foot

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The other classes in this series are not prerequisites for this class.

I bet you have always wanted to carve traditional furniture elements but needed a master carver to guide and mentor you through the learning process. This class is not merely a demo, it is a master talking to you and answering your questions to shorten your learning curve as a wood carver.

Alf Sharp is that master woodworker and teacher. He is the winner of the most highly valued American Society of Furniture Makers "Cartouche Award." A lifelong professional who knows the value of making that special vision a reality in wood.

Eighteenth Century American period furniture is known for its traditional hand-carved embellishments. Some of the most prolific are the shell, the fan (Subjects for Class Number 1), and the Queen Anne Leg (Class Number 2) with a Ball and Claw foot. In this third class in the series, Alf will concentrate on teaching the basics of carving the Ball and Claw Foot on a Cabriole leg.

The Cabriole leg is one of the most identifiable elements of Queen Anne style furniture. The Ball and Claw Foot is the ultimate element adorning this traditional leg. The highest achievement is when there is a pierced space between the claw and the ball, so the ball is actually held in the claw. Alf will teach you the tips, tricks and techniques necessary to help you to achieve the carving of this element.

There is a link at the bottom of your Zoom Class Credentials pdf that will take you to an edited version of your class. Your password is also provided on the pdf. You will be able to continue to enjoy the instruction without further charge. Please allow two weeks for editing. A "Thank You Video" is currently holding your class video's place.

If you missed the first class in the series on carving the shell and fan or the second class on carving the Cabriole leg, edited copies of these classes will soon be available for purchase.

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