Sculpture that Rocks!

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“Sculpture that Rocks” most definitely characterizes the great Gutzon Borglum sculpture that is Mount Rushmore.

What if I told you that I can help make your rockin’ dreams come true? I have been teaching woodworkers to craft this chair in the photo below for the past ten years!

Mount Rushmore

Doesn’t it look like it’s moving even when sitting still? Its collection of hard lines, soft lines, and organic s-curves has many folks wanting to build this sculpture that rocks.

I have taught the hands-on 6 or 7 day class 55 times.

Woodworkers from all over the world (England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Bosnia Australia and almost every state in the U.S.A) have journeyed to my shop just about 30 minutes south of the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee – to build this sculpture that rocks with me.

Although President Jimmy Carter didn’t make the cut on this mountain masterpiece – you can catch our exclusive one-on-one conversation about our passion for fine furniture -and the rocker that I can teach you to make, in the style of the late woodworking icon Sam Maloof:

Ok, one more shameless plug. “Sculpture that Rocks” is my new show seen right here on my website. This show is more focused on woodworking techniques that I teach, plus I will share some of my favorite stories and even introduce you to past students and showcase their sculpture that rocks!

So… are YOU ready to rock?! For more information on my classes Click Here!

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