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“How to Build a Sculptured Rocker” Video Series

During the summer of 2019, I shot this HD new version of “Build a Sculptured Rocker with (Me) Charles Brock.” This new video series is comprised of over 6 hours of instruction. Recently, I added chapter 10 to the series. Now it contains everything I know you will need to know to build this “Bucket List” rocking chair including how to construct the few necessary jigs. The original “Shaping” video is included, so you can take advantage of even more helpful instruction.

You will need a computer with an Internet connection take advantage of this offer. This is not a download.

Purchase 5-year access to the streaming Rocker Video Series for $39.99

Reasons to Purchase This Video Series

  • You Want the Updated Instruction
  • You Have Only the Original DVDs
  • Your DVD Player Doesn’t Work
  • You Want to Listen to More of My Theme Music!

You Can Watch it Anywhere with a Computer, SmartPhone or an iPad!

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