Sculptured Rocker

Video Series

Streaming Video Series

The Build a Sculptured Rocker Video Series has 9 chapters of video instruction (6 hours total) available. Plus stream an edition of the Shape a Sculptured Rocker DVD. This will provide at present almost 8 hours of instruction.


Bonus: Shape a Sculptured Rocker


Rock’n Chairmen

We are always happy to share pictures of what some of our Rock’n Chairmen have created!


I must again congratulate you for having gone to all the trouble and detail to measure and measure and measure again and work out all the intricacies of the Maloof chair. That in order to realize so many of us woodworker’s dreams to build a chair like this. Every step of the way while making it, I thought of that and wanted to put it in writing. THANK YOU !!!
Steve Kloppers

Canadian Woodworker

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