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It is my opinion that the famous Danish chair designer Hans Wegner and Sam Maloof perfected the entire genre of small dining or occasional chair designs with low back support. Maloof took the scale of Wegner’s low back chair designs and made them fluid with  contemporary lines that flow beautifully. At first this chair did not interest my since of design, it grew on me until I recognize it as one of Maloof’s greatest achievments.  

What Do You Learn

How to Select and Prepare the Proper Wood for the Chair

Select and Use the Best Shaping Tools for the Project

Sculpt a Beautifully Contoured & Coopered Seat

Use the Patterns to Bandsaw the Parts

Shape a Backrest that will Support the Lower Back

Shape the Sweeping Arms

Craft and Shape the Signature Seat to Leg Joinery

What Do You Get

The Low Back Bundle includes the following which will provide the instruction and information neccessary to build your Low Back Chair:

Instructional DVD titled “Build a Sculptured Low Back Dining Chair with Charles Brock”

Online access to a streaming video version of the video

A downloadable copy of the companion book “Build a Sculptured Low Back Dining Chair with Charles Brock”

A set of Full-Size Low Back Paper patterns

A set of High Back Dining Chair Paper Patters

Video Instruction for the High Back Chair is available in the Online School for Free for 30 days

Designer’s Note

Several years ago, I was interviewing former President Jimmy Carter for a Highland Woodworker Show. He handed me a the Low Back Chair that Sam Maloof made for him when he won the Nobel Peace Prize. I discovered how small the chair actually can be. I had been building the chair with a 22″ deep seat and saw that at 20″ it was everything that it needed to be. When you build the chair make the change to the 20″ seat. It will make you smile!

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