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High Back Chair

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High Back Chair Patterns

Companion to the Low Back Dining Chair

Some things just go together! Two Low Back Dining Chairs need two High Back Dining Chairs to make a set. That’s for certain. With the tall back legs, sweeping arms, and 5 lumber supporting spindles, they will anchor any dining table. 

I Can Help You Build Your High Back Chairs

Here’s How:

  • Purchase the Low Back Chair Bundle and build them as side chairs for your dining table.
  • You will get a set of High Back Chair full-size patterns with your Low Back Bundle or just buy them now from this page.
  • Join the “Online School” and watch the streaming video instruction for the Low Back and the High Back chairs. 
  • Take some time to watch the instructions in the “Online School” for building the “Big Smile Seat.”
  • Build the 20″ deep version of the “Big Smile Seat!” It will make you SMILE!


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