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6 Day Hands-On Class

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Please call (706) 366-3152 before mailing a check to:
Charles Brock
224 Beamon Drive
Franklin, TN 37064

Build Your Rocker 6-Day Hands-On Class

 Sculptured Rocker Class

6-Day Hands-On with Charles Brock

This is my premium offering! I have taught this class over 60 times in the past 10 years. The class seems to be of great benefit to both new, intermediate and very experienced woodworkers. It is total immersion into a “Bucket List” woodworking project in an atmosphere totally conducive to your success.


Registration & Payment

You may pay the entire fee of $2000 or in two installments consisting of a deposit of $1000 and a final payment made 30 days before the class meets of $1000. All payments must be paid before class begins.

Hands-On Instruction

Utilizing my experience as a woodworker and years of experience as an educator, I will teach you how to craft your beautiful rocking chair. You will learn how to:

  • Craft a deep coopered seat using a band saw and proven sculpting tools and techniques.
  • Master the unique visible seat-to-leg joinery
  • Shape, sculpt and assemble the flowing headrest, arms, and spindles
  • Laminate the signature laminated rockers
  • Assemble the rocker with the proper glue, screws, and plugs
  • Prepare you to carve, sand and finish the chair to taste

…Creating a sculptured rocker with a final touch of your own artistry.

What is a Class Like?

My shop and Studio is located in Spring Hill, TN just south of Nashville. We always start on the class day at 9 AM CST and end between 5 and 6 PM. Students will build their rocker from a walnut lumber kit waiting for them the first day. From the first day orientation through the last day check out, students will be treated to expert demonstrations by Charles on each task. Charles and his experienced assistants will guide each student through the completion of every step, guaranteeing your success.

You will use an assortment of fine woodworking tools and stationary tools all with supervision that values safety first. You will never be asked to do any task that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Please see the list of recommended student tools for the class and a recently revised tool list for building the rocking chair in your shop.

Registration by Mail Send a Check Payable to Charles Brock LLC, 224 Beamon Drive, Franklin, TN 37064

(Include Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address on a check) Please call 706 366-3152 before you send a check so I will know it is coming.

OR – Online Registration (two payment choices) 1. Pay full Rocker Class fee $2000 or 2. Two Installments: (1) Rocker Class deposit $1000; (2) Rocker Class final payment $1000 Refunds: Cancellations must be received in writing 30 days prior to the class start date to receive a full refund.

Tools to Bring!

Auriou rasps are my first choice! The Combi Rasp (on the left) – 5 Grain on one side with a 9 Grain on the other, Modeler’s Rasp (on the right) 13 Grain, Most importantly the Cabinetmaker’s 12″ Rasp is (center) a 10 Grain. Marking Knife, A 6″ Double Square (good quality don’t scrimp here), Fractional Calipers, Lie-Neilsen Small Router Plane, Wheel Type Marking Gauge, Tape Measure (not longer than 12′) I will have some of these items extra, so don’t fret!

Rock’n Chairmen

We are always happy to share pictures of what some of our Rock’n Chairmen have created!


I must again congratulate you for having gone to all the trouble and detail to measure and measure and measure again and work out all the intricacies of the Maloof chair. That in order to realize so many of us woodworker’s dreams to build a chair like this. Every step of the way while making it, I thought of that and wanted to put it in writing. THANK YOU !!!
Steve Kloppers

Canadian Woodworker

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Class size is limited to five (5) students. $2000 Class Fee

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