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Pro Sculptured Rocker Bundle

The Pro Bundle


Sculptured Rocker Bundle


Set of Permanent Hard Board Patterns

You will enjoy jumping right into crafting your beautiful rocker with the addition of the tempered hardboard patterns.  


Do you remember the first time you saw a sculptured rocking chair in the style of Sam Maloof? If you are a fine woodworker, the inspiration moved the project to the top of your bucket list and you could not wait to build one. In 1983 I had that experience when I saw a picture of one in Fine Woodworking Magazine. Those beautiful flowing lines made it look as if it were moving even when at rest. It appeared to have been carved from one block of wood as each part curved from one to another. With all those curves and sculpted lines how do you start, how can one find the reference points from which to build one? And the joinery is just too much to comprehend!

After more than a decade of helping woodworkers build their sculptured rocker, I can help you build yours! Start with the “Build A Sculptured Rocker with Charles Brock” Project Bundle.

What You Get

The “Build a Sculptured Rocker with Charles Brock” bundle contains the all-new Six Hour  “Streaming Rocker Video Series” as well as the original 2 DVDs, book, and full-sized set of the “8/4” paper patterns. (Means you can build the rocker without having to have any stock thicker than 2 inches).  The DVDs are currently included in each bundle in case you don’t have a good internet connection. Plus, You get the CNC cut tempered hardboard permanent pattern set!


 What You Learn

This bundle will teach you how to: (1) Choose and order wood for your project; (2) Scoop out the deep saddle; (3) Craft the unique visible seat-to-leg joinery; (4) Shape, sculpt and assemble the flowing headrest, arms, and spindles (5) Laminate and carve the signature laminated rockers; (6) Assemble the rocker with the proper glue, screws, and plugs (7) Carve, sand and finish the chair to taste, creating a sculptured rocker with a final touch of your own artistry.

Sculptured Rocker Bundle vs. Pro Rocker Bundle

Companion Accessories

8/4 Paper Patterns

Complete Set
  • Complete Set of Full Size 8/4 Rocker Paper Patterns
  • If You Bought the Original Bundle, You Should Update to the 8/4 Patterns!They are included in the Sculptured Rocker and Pro Bundles

Sculptured Rocker

Streaming Videos Series
  • Included in the Current Sculptured Rocker and Pro Bundles
  • Updated Series Replaces the Original Sculptured Rocker DVD's
  • Access to Stream 6+ Hours of the Rocker Video Series
  • Unlimited 5-Year Viewing Access

8/4 Sculptured Rocking Chair


  • Winner of the “Peoples Choice Award’ at the 2017 Master’s Woodworking Show 
  • Curly Maple
  • Twenty-One Inch Deep Coopered Saddle that I call the “Big Smile Seat”
  • Six Degrees of Back Leg Splay
  • Ebony Plugs and Contrasting Laminations 
  • Masterpiece Oi & Wax Finish 


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