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Sculptured Rocking Chair

It not only looks like it is moving even while it is standing still, but it also provides the ultimate calming and supportive rocking experience.

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Meet Charles Brock

The Chairmaker

I am Charles Brock. Some folks know me as the “Rock ’n Chairman,” while some recognize me as the “Highland Woodworker.” Most people just call me Chuck. My passion is woodworking! Designing sculptural furniture, teaching chair making, and inspiring woodworkers to get involved with some aspect of this wonderful pursuit is what I enjoy!

I have been building fine furniture since 1979. My work includes reproduction and contemporary tables, chairs, beds, and chests. I have crafted over 200 furniture commissions for clients who have become friends. Teaching woodworking combines my experiences as a teacher (30 years in public schools) and woodworker. My current work is greatly inspired by such artists as the late Sam Maloof, an icon of modern woodworking and Hans Wegner, the famous Danish chair designer.

Sculptured Masterpieces

Whether it’s a rocking chair, a low back or high back occasional or dining chair, a lovely settee, Bowtie Stool, or a table, I would be delighted to talk with you about ordering one of my pieces. Although my wood of choice is walnut, I enjoy finding that special wood for your project. Contact me using the secure form at the bottom of this page or call me at 706 366-3152.
commissioned rocking chair Charles Brock

Rocking Chairs

commissioned Bowtie stool Charles Brock

Bowtie Stool

Commissioned high-back chair Charles Brock

High Back Chairs

Commissioned low-back chair Charles Brock

Low Back Chairs

commissioned pedestal table Charles Brock

Pedestal Tables

Commissioned low-back Settee Charles Brock

Low Back Settee

learn online with Charles Brock

I Teach Sculptural Woodworking 3 Ways!

  • Project Bundles – Each contains the instruction you need to build a sculptural furniture project that will forever be a part of your legacy as a woodworker.
  • Hands-On Classes at my studio in Spring Hill, TN. Here you will experience total immersion in a woodworking learning environment designed to accelerate your woodworking to new levels.
  • Live Online Classes designed to bring woodworking instruction to you wherever you are without the expense of travel and being away from jobs and family. 

It’s NEW!

The Streaming Rocker Video Series


Subscription Access

Subscription access allows you to start watching and learning today.


High Definition Video

Beautifully filmed in HD at my new woodworking shop and studio.


New Methods & Tools

Updated with all the new methods and woodworking tools I use now to build this iconic rocking chair.

To Play Video

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Sculpting Video

Original Shaping DVD video is still available for those who want to sculpt the rocker.


Replaces Old Format DVDs

New Streaming 6+ hours of Build a Legacy Sculptured Rocker Video Instruction.


A Must for Every Woodworker

Purchase the series subscription separately or as a standard part of the Sculptured Rocker or Pro Rocker Bundles.

Sculpture that Rocks

Charles Brock - finished sculpture rocker
Martha Stewart meets Charles Brock on TV show
Showcasing another sculpture rocker
Charles Brock - Applying Masterpiece Oil and Wax

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